What makes telehealth services work?

7 September 2022 12:30pm1:30pm
Presented by: Dr Alan Taylor
Associate Lecturer, Flinders University & Australian Telehealth Society Committee Member

Project ECHO® Programs – Moving Knowledge not People

1 June 2022 12:30pm1:30pm
Presented by: Dr Helen Haydon

Tracking telehealth using Medicare Benefits Scheme data: Psychiatry and Psychology 2019-2021

6 April 2022 12:30pm1:30pm
Presented by: Dr Centaine Snoswell PhD, MPH, BPharm

Getting ready for Remote Patient Monitoring

2 June 2021 12:30pm1:30pm
Presented by Jane Kealey

Remote Patient Monitoring – Chronic Disease possibilities

5 May 2021 12:30pm1:30pm
Presented by Michelle Wilson

Assumptions on who can and can't access telehealth services

7 April 2021 12:30pm1:30pm
Presented by Dr Claire Brolan

Telehealth etiquette: Communication techniques to optimise videoconsultations

3 June 2020 12:30pm1:30pm
Presented by Dr Helen Haydon, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Telehealth Consultant

Choosing the right videoconferencing platform for your telehealth service

6 May 2020 12:30pm1:30pm
Presented by Associate Professor Liam Caffery, Telehealth Technology Director, Centre for Online Health

Participatory design: How to change clinical practice

4 March 2020 12:30pm1:30pm
Presented by Professor Jane Clemensen, Professor, Hans Christian Andersen Children’s Hospital & Centre for Innovative Medical Technology

State of Telehealth in the USA

5 February 2020 12:00pm1:30pm
Presented by Associate Professor Ateev Mehrotra, Director, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School