Evaluating Quality Care (eQC) Patient and Carer Advisory Board

The Evaluating Quality Care (eQC) Patient and Carer Advisory Board brings together a broad variety of expertise in the delivery of quality healthcare in Australian hospitals and the community. Our members include researchers, healthcare providers, educators, and most importantly, people with lived experience of dementia, cognitive impairment, and chronic illness. The primary aim of the Board is to provide a community voice in health-related research with a particular focus on improving the quality of service delivery to community members who live with some form of cognitive impairment.

Research into dementia care is particularly significant given Australia's ageing population. As the number of older adults increases, so does the prevalence of dementia, which poses significant challenges for healthcare systems. Investing in dementia research is essential to develop effective prevention strategies, early detection methods, and innovative care approaches that can enhance the quality of life for individuals living with dementia and support their families. It also enables policymakers to make informed decisions and allocate resources appropriately to address the growing needs of an ageing population affected by dementia.

Patient and public involvement in dementia healthcare research is crucial as it brings unique perspectives and lived experiences to the table. By involving those directly affected by dementia, researchers can gain valuable insights into the challenges faced by patients, care partners, and the wider community. This involvement ensures that research priorities align with the real needs of those affected, leading to more relevant and patient-centred studies. Additionally, it promotes transparency, accountability, and inclusivity, fostering a collaborative approach that empowers individuals and improves the overall quality and impact of dementia research.

The Board is passionate about improving the overall hospital experience for patients and care partners, aligning with the perspectives of those who utilize these services. The Board endeavours to provide feedback across various healthcare research domains where the experiences of patients and care partners play a vital role.