Ageing and geriatric medicine

Our ageing and geriatric medicine program is among the most successful geriatric medicine research groups in Australia. It has a strong multi-disciplinary focus, with researchers of diverse background contributing to its work - medicine, nursing, allied health, psychology, biomedical engineering, health economics, health informatics and software development.

Established in 2002, the program has developed a reputation for innovation in the application of novel systems of care, information technology and telemedicine to advance access to, and quality of, specialist aged care services.

It is home to the Australian interRAI Coordinating Centre and commercial enterprise CeGA Online, and enjoys a strong working partnership with UniQuest and the Finnish software company RAIsoft.

Program lead: Professor Ruth Hubbard


  • Professor Ruth Hubbard

    Ageing & Geriatrics
    Masonic Chair of Geriatric Medicine
    Centre for Health Services Research


Professional staff

  • Ms Trish Speechly

    Ageing & Geriatrics
    Executive Assistant
    Centre for Health Services Research
  • Dr Tracey Bjorkman

    Centre Manager & Centre Manager
    Centre for Health Services Research
  • Ms Bonnie Pimm

    Ageing & Geriatrics
    Research Nurse
    Centre for Health Services Research


Beibei Xiong -

Sandra Smith

As one of Australia's most successful geriatric medicine research organisations, our centre has a strong multi-disciplinary focus and conducts research across multiple program areas.

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Assessment and Clinical Decision Support Solutions

CHSR, in association with UniQuest (the commercial arm of UQ), produces and distributes software that supports assessment and decision support for a variety of care settings.  These systems are built around the interRAI Suite of Assessment Systems, produced by the interRAI research collaboration.  CHSR researchers are major contributors to the interRAI work, particularly in regard to systems for acute hospital care.

Currently, CeGA Online solutions support comprehensive geriatric assessment in hospital, community and aged care facility settings. More recently, UniQuest has formed a partnership with RAIsoft, a Finnish specialist interRAI software company to produce and distribute solutions for hospital assessment and care planning, world-wide. 

Training for interRAI systems

CHSR provides training in the processes of conducting and interpreting interRAI assessment systems. Training can be provided onsite or online.

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Recent reports

Integration of new clinical systems into EMR environments presents a wide range of challenges, even when the user clinicians are enthusiastic. This paper reports an assessment of the challenges encountered in contemplating integration of the interRAI Acute Care functional and psychosocial assessment system into the nursing schedule within the Queensland Health EMR.

interRAI and the ieMR (PDF, 823.4 KB)

The Program has strong international collaborations throughout Europe and North America, most prominent and enduring of which is participation in the international effort to create "multi-domain" third generation assessment systems under the auspices of the interRAI Research Collaborative.

The Program specialises in multi-national and multi-site studies, with over 30 organisations participating in its research programs over the past 5 years.

Aegium Foundation 

The Aegium Foundation of Queensland has provided extensive funding since 1989 to support the Masonic Chair in Geriatric Medicine at the University of Queensland.  In addition, financial support is offered to facilitate the "telegeriatrics" research program.

Find more information on the Aegium website.

Geriatric and Rehabilitation Unit, Princess Alexandra Hospital

The Princess Alexandra Hospital Geriatric and Rehabilitation Unit strives for excellence in patient care, education and research. The unit's mission is to work with patients and their carers to promote, maintain and improve the health, well-being and independence of patients through the provision of multi-disciplinary, diagnostic, therapeutic and outreach services.

The aim of the unit is to establish a quality geriatric service to meet current needs of the region and to improve the health of the elderly in the region. 

interRAI Australia Coordinating Centre

CHSR hosts the interRAI Australia Coordinating Centre, which responds to enquiries and provides information and support to organisations interested in or using the interRAI suite of assessment instruments. For more information on interRAI visit the websites and


The Program has a formal partnership with Finnish specialist software house “RAIsoft” which develops systems around the interRAI suite of assessment systems.  Our program has co-developed solutions for nursing assessment in acute care and specialist geriatric consultation in and beyond the hospital setting.