Presented by:
Dr Helen Haydon

Helen Haydon is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Telehealth Consultant and Registered Psychologist working across a range of telehealth projects in both the research and consultancy arms of the Centre for Online Health, CHSR. She is particularly interested in using health technology to promote quality end-of-life care. Helen has presented numerous telehealth workshops for a range of audiences. In this forum, Helen will address some of the more common concerns that people have with communicating via telehealth (e.g. rapport building, clinical confidentiality) by presenting evidence-based information on telehealth etiquette. She will discuss simple techniques that optimise effective communication and lead to a strong therapeutic alliance.

Panelists this month include:
Mrs Lisa Garner, Telehealth Service Manager, Centre for Online Health, CHSR
Dr Annie Banbury, Telehealth Research Officer, Centre for Online Health, CHSR
Dr Helen Haydon, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Telehealth Consultant, Centre for Online Health, CHSR
Associate Prof Liam Caffery, Telehealth Technology Director, Centre for Online Health
Ms Jackie Plunkett, President, ATHS
Prof Anthony Smith, Director, Centre for Online Health, CHSR (Webinar Chairperson)

Please note this meeting is a Zoom Only Webinar.
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