Presented by: 
Dr Centaine Snoswell
Dr Snoswell is a Health Economics Research Fellow with the Centre for Online Health, Centre for Health Services Research, focusing on the economic evaluation of telehealth. Dr Snoswell currently working with the NHMRC Partnership Centre for Health System Sustainability to explore the economic efficiency of implementing telehealth initiatives in Australia.

In this forum we will discuss the MBS uptake in Australia since the introduction of the temporary COVID item numbers in March 2020. Dr Snoswell will talk through the data that COH has been curating on their webpage, and present some new information about the MBS uptake of telehealth since its introduction in 2011. The forum will also discuss the Telehealth Quick Guides which COH developed in March to assist clinicians with rapid telehealth uptake during the pandemic.

Panelists this month include:

  • Associate Professor Liam Caffery, Telehealth Technology Director, Centre for Online Health, CHSR
  • Dr Emma Thomas, Research Fellow, Centre for Online Health, CHSR
  • Dr Andrew Baird, General Practitioner, the Elwood Family Clinic, Victoria and Professional Practice Tutor, University of Melbourne
  • Professor Anthony Smith, Director, Centre for Online Health, CHSR (Webinar Chairperson)

Participants are encouraged to send their questions to and the panel members will do their best to address these

Please note this meeting is a Zoom Only Webinar.
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