The webinars will include a short presentation (20-30 minutes) on a specific telehealth topic, and a Q&A panel discussion (20 minutes) involving experts from the COH and the ATHS. Participants are encouraged to send their questions to and the panel members will do their best to address these.

Helen HaydonWebinar topic: Project ECHO® Programs – Moving Knowledge not People 

Presented by: Dr Helen Haydon Research Fellow, Registered Psychologist – Centre for Online Health, CHSR, UQ

Project ECHO® is an international evidence-based telementoring program that, via Zoom™, brings together specialist teams and primary care professionals to generate a “learning loop”. Project ECHO® programs have numerous benefits. Dr Helen Haydon is a Research Fellow and Registered Psychologist from The Centre for Online Health, UQ. The Centre for Online Health is an accredited Project ECHO® provider. Helen will present on two ECHO programs run by the Centre – Dementia ECHO and Palliative Care ECHO. The panel have experience in a range of other Queensland led ECHO programs including Paediatric Palliative Care, Children’s Health and Wellbeing, and Persistent Pain Management. 

Panelists this month include: 

  • Sarah Baggio - Project ECHO Clinical Engagement Officer, CHQHHS
  • Bede Ashley, Townsville HHS Senior Physiotherapist and attendee on Persistent Pain ECHO
  • Belinda Charles - Operations Manager - Aged Care, Attendee on Dementia ECHO
  • Professor Anthony Smith - Director, Centre for Online Health, CHSR (Webinar Chairperson)
  • Associate Professor Liam Caffery - Telehealth Technology Director, Centre for Online Health (Webinar Moderator)

Please note this meeting is a Zoom Only Webinar. 

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