The aim of this program is to increase health care professionals’ and students’ knowledge and understanding of frailty in hospitals.

Current research highlights that healthcare professionals not only need, but also want, further training in frailty. Using our learnings from our previous systematic review of frailty education programs, and drawing upon the expertise of the team, we are co-designing and developing two inter-professional online frailty courses that are contextually relevant to Australian hospitals.

The Focus on Frailty courses will consist of several modules that will incorporate videos, text, images, case studies and interactive activities to advance learning about frailty. One course is being developed for students studying health-related disciplines, and one is being developed for healthcare professionals working across different disciplines in hospital settings. Focus on Frailty is being co-designed with consumers, caregivers, subject matter experts, healthcare professionals, and students.

This program is led by Associate Professor Rosemary Saunders from Edith Cowan University and Professor Ruth Hubbard form The University of Queensland.