The Frailty KIT project has been funded by a $5 million grant from the MRFF Dementia Ageing and Aged Care Mission. It directly addresses the Mission aims to extend healthy active years of life and ensure Australians and the health system are equipped for people to age well. We will do this by establishing an Australian Frailty Network (AFN) and undertaking an effectiveness-implementation study to slow the progression of frailty in community-dwellers (the FITTEST study).

In this Geriatric Medicine Seminar 'Frailty KIT: An Australian Frailty Network to Create Knowledge, Implement Findings and Support Training'  which was presented on 29 November 2022 by Professor Ruth Hubbard, Professor Sarah Hilmer, Professor Maria Fiatarone Singh, Professor Michelle Miller, and Professor Loretta Baldassar.

Professor Ruth Hubbard explored the vision of the AFN and the Stream Leads of the four frailty domains – exercise, nutrition, medication, and social engagement – and outlined the principles of their interventions and how they will be implemented, integrated, and evaluated in the FITTTEST study.


Professor Ruth Hubbard
Program Lead, Ageing and geriatric medicine
Masonic Chair of Geriatric Medicine
Centre for Health Services Research
The University of Queensland

Maria Fiatarone Singh
Professor at Sydney Medical School

Michelle Miller
Professor of Nutrition & Dietetics

Sarah Hilmer
Professor of Geriatric Pharmacology

Loretta Baldassar
Professor of Anthropology and Sociology


About Geriatric Medicine Seminar Series

Geriatric Medicine Seminar Series

UQ Centre for Health Services Research and the Queensland Dementia, Ageing, and Frailty Clinical Network present a seminar series featuring researchers from medicine, nursing, allied health, pharmacy, and psychology as well as biomedical engineering, health economics, data analytics, health informatics with a focus on ageing and geriatric medicine. 

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