Dr Kristiana Ludlow
Dr Kristiana Ludlow is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Health Services Research. Her research interests include co designing interventions and digital health tools with end users, frailty, aged care and the care of older adults, person centred care, the role of family caregivers in care, missed care/unfinished care, and care prioritisation. 

Dr Benignus Logan
Dr Benignus Logan is a PhD Candidate and specialist Geriatrician who assesses and manages frail older people in the inpatient and outpatient settings. His PhD aims to better understand the frailty and goals of care of older people living with moderate to severe chronic kidney disease.


About Geriatric Medicine Seminar Series

Geriatric Medicine Seminar Series

UQ Centre for Health Services Research and the Queensland Dementia, Ageing, and Frailty Clinical Network present a seminar series featuring researchers from medicine, nursing, allied health, pharmacy, and psychology as well as biomedical engineering, health economics, data analytics, health informatics with a focus on ageing and geriatric medicine. 

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