A one-day workshop to assist Faculty of Medicine staff and students in grant writing and developing research proposals.

  • Applied economic thinking in health
  • Economic methods relevant to healthcare sectors
  • Economic evaluation and priority setting
  • Outcome measurement
  • Cost measurement

Conducted by:

Tracy ComansAssociate Professor Tracy Comans

HERMU is led by A/Prof Tracy Comans, an NHMRC Boosting Dementia Research Leadership Fellow. Her work involves the application of economics in complex multidisciplinary health services contexts. This includes developing simulation models that can assess wider benefits and costs than those in traditional economic models. She also applies economic models to investigate the cost-effectiveness of health care interventions and leads and develops health services research focussing on older people, allied health and rehabilitation services.

Kim-Huong NguyenDr Kim-Huong Nguyen

Dr Kim-Huong Nguyen is a Research Fellow in health economics at HERMU. Her current research activities cover the evaluation of interventions and health outcomes in older population and people with brain injury and cognitive impairment, and measurement of efficiency and equity in the health and social care sectors. I work closely with researchers from multiple backgrounds, from engineers to medical professionals and artists, industries partners, advocates and consumers of health and social care services. Dr Nguyen currently holds an Atlantic Fellowship in Equity in Brain Health with the Global Brain Health Institute at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland).

Befikadu WubishetDr Befikadu Wubishet

Dr Befikadu Wubishet is an early career researcher working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at HERMU. Dr Wubishet is trained in Health Economics, Public Health and Pharmacy in Australia, Sweden, and Ethiopia. In his Health Economics PhD study at the University of Newcastle, Australia, he investigated the impact of diabetes on older women’s health outcomes. Dr Wubishet’s research interest areas include chronic disease models of care and health outcomes and applying health economics methods to a wide range of research subjects.


Dr Kim-Huong Nguyen