COM-IC – collaborative development of core outcome measures for dementia care

Project background

The Core Outcome Measures for Improving Care (COM-IC) project aims to identify a suite of outcome measures that are aligned with stakeholder goals; and develop guidelines for implementation that ensure Australia’s efforts to improve the lives of people living with dementia are unequivocally realised.

The COM-IC Project will use a participatory co-design strategy to incorporate practical knowledge, experience and preferences of all stakeholders as inputs in each step of the process. The participatory co-design framework will ensure the suite of core outcomes identified and recommended to evaluate dementia interventions and care delivery models are important, relevant, authentic and practical for each stakeholder group.

How can you become part of this research?

If you would like to be involved in this research, please see the Participant Information Sheet and complete the Expression of Interest (note: this is not a commitment to participate). The research team will contact interested parties for working groups closer to the time the working groups are needed.
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General enquiries:

Professor Tracy Comans
(Chief Investigator)
Phone: +61 7 334 65345

Danelle Kenny
(COM-IC Secretariat )