Researcher biography

A/Prof Mark D. Chatfield is a diligent, highly experienced biostatistician. He is especially knowledgeable about clinical trials at UQ.

In collaboration with other researchers, he has published over 180 times in academic journals and has been/is an investigator on 24 NHMRC/MRFF funded (>$47M) studies (mostly clinical trials). He has co-supervised 4 PhD students to completion, and is currently an advisor to 5 PhD students.

He is regularly invited to be a statistical collaborator, advisor or consultant by researchers from:

- Centre for Clinical Research [UQCCR]

- School of Public Health [SPH]

- Child Health Research Centre [CHRC]

- Centre for Health Services Research [CHSR]

- Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences [HaBS]

In 2021, he won a Service Excellence Award for outstanding biostatistical support and collaboration with numerous medical researchers in the Faculty of Medicine. He is a main contributor to the Research and Statistical Support Service (RASSS). In 2020, he was awarded The Outstanding Mid-Career Researcher within CHSR.

He is an Honorary Fellow (Associate Professor, 2016-present) with Menzies School of Health Research, where he worked 2012-2017. He has also worked at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute (2017-8), NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of Sydney (2009-2012), UK MRC Human Nutrition Research (2006-9), Department of Public Health and Primary Care, University of Cambridge (2002-6).