Researcher biography

Dr Anton Van Der Vegt is an Advanced QLD Industry Research Fellow with the Centre for Health Services Research at UQ Faculty of Medicine. He trained as a Mechanical Engineer and Computer Scientist at University of Sydney and has worked across Australia, Europe, the US and India, designing, developing and implementing sophisticated software programs for multi-nationals as well as co-authoring two US patents. Having moved to England in 2001, he worked with several technology firms and published a book to support managers in their efforts to transform their organisations through IT. In 2005 he became the Director of Operations for a public Healthcare IT company, with budget responsibility over 100 professional staff performing electronic medical record system implementation across UK hospitals. In 2020 he gained a PhD through The University of Queensland on the application of AI with information retrieval to support clinical decision making. Since then, he has architected and managed two collaboratory projects with Queensland Health to support AI experimentation with health data. Most recently, he was awarded an Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowship to pursue collaboratory research with Queensland Health to develop and implement AI algorithms to identify patients at risk of deterioration in hospital general wards. He is also a co-investigator on a Queensland Health sepsis prediction project.