Researcher biography

My overall program of research to date has focused on investigating how best to support cancer patients and their families, with a focus on people affected by brain tumours. My PhD developing and testing a patient-focused resource to encourage communication between health professionals and patients and families affected by brain tumours, and I continue to develop this program of research with colleagues in Australia and internationally. Currently, I am a National Health and Medical Research Council Research Fellow in the Centre for Online Health (COH) within the School of Medicine.

My research within the COH focuses on the development and testing of an online intervention to improve self-efficacy to care and reduce caregiver burden and distress among family members of adults with primary brain tumours. Another stream of research focuses on understanding the impacts and supportive care needs of long term brain tumour survivors and their family members. Finally, I am supporting ongoing research in the COH in the areas of online health and telehealth, investigating applying new technologies to improve models of care for people with a range of conditions.