Current grants

Organ Transplantation as a Model of Reversible Frailty (2023-2026)
NHMRC Ideas Grant
Team: Hubbard RE, Midwinter M, Gordon E, Kumar V, Francis R, Garton F, Reid N, Kang S, Huang A, Rhee H
$1.6 million

Frailty KIT: An Australian Frailty Network to Create Knowledge, Implement Findings and Support Training (2022-2027)
MRFF Dementia Ageing and Aged Care Mission ($5M)
Team: Hubbard RE, Young A, Fiatarone-Singh M, Hilmer S, Reid N, Rockwood K, Etherton-Beer C, Baldassar L, Saunders R, Millar M, Morgan M, Gordon E, Comans T, Yates P, Ferris J.
$5 million

Frailty ADD: Improving Hospital Outcomes for Frail Patients Across Different Disciplines (2022-2027)
NHMRC, Centre of Research Excellence 
Team: Hubbard RE, Hilmer S, Rockwood K, Howard K, Tong A, Janda M, Etherton-Beer C, Gnjidic D, Lim K, Reid N
$2.5 million

INTEGRITY: The INTErGenerational intervention to Reduce fraIlTY trial (2022-2025)
NHMRC Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies Grant ($3.7Million)
Team: Peters R, Rockwood K, Fitzgerald J, Delbaere K, Ward S, Anderson C, Kimonis E, Hubbard RE, Kurrle S, Janda M
$3.7 million

Using Kidney Transplantation to Investigate Epigenetic Markers of Frailty (2022-2024)
Princess Alexandra Hospital Program Grant
Investigators: Emily Gordon, Jake Gratten, Ross Francis, Natasha Reid, Naomi Wray, Ruth Hubbard 

Improving services for frail patients with severe mental illness: implementation and feasibility of a frailty intervention (2022-2023)
Princess Alexandra Hospital Early Career Fellowship
Investigators: Nicola Warren, Ruth Hubbard, Dan Siskind, Emily Gordon, Natasha Reid, Urska Arnautovska

The GOAL Trial: Vascular Surgery. Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment for Older Elective Vascular Surgery Patients to Increase Attainment of Patient-Identified Goals (2022-2024)
Queensland Advancing Clinical Research Fellowship – Early Career
Investigator: Emily Gordon

Increasing Attainment of Patient-Identified Goals through Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment - A Controlled Trial for Frail Older People with Lung Cancer (2020-2024)
Princess Alexandra Hospital Program Grant

Codesigning services: Partnering with consumers in creating a service provision framework for meeting lymphoedema related needs in Metro South (2023-2025)
Metro South Research Support Scheme
Team: Mary Whitehead, Jacki Liddle, Amanda Pigott, Elizabeth Pinkham, Nancy Pachana, Peter Worthy, Freyr Patterson, Adrienne Young, Eileen Taylor, Dubhglas Taylor, Andrew McCann, Ruth Cox, Megan Trevethan, Clare Webb

Development and Validation of a Self-Reported Frailty Index (2023-2025)
Metro South Research Support Scheme
Team: Hubbard RE, Ladwa R, Walpole E, Berry R, Shafiee Hanjani L, Sia A, Gordon E, Fletcher J, Ling YMV

Leveraging Machine Learning to Reduce the Impact of Medication Harm (2023-2026
Metro South Research Support Scheme
Team: Scott I, Barras M, Falconer N, Abdel-Hafez A, Marxen S, Shafiee Hanjani L, McPhail S, Bonilla O, Van Garderen A

Using community-based goals to increase physical activity and improve outcomes for older Australians in the TCP (2023-2024)
Metro South Research Support Scheme Project grant 
Team: Salih Salih, Natasha Reid, Catherine Peters, Wendy Marshall, Tania Quaglio, Patrick Roach, Anne Fry

Improving recognition of pain-related agitation in hospital patients with dementia and/or delirium: A longitudinal cohort study observing responses to treatment (2023-2024)
Metro South Future Research Leader Fellowship
Team: Fred Graham, Ruth E. Hubbard, Andrew Teordorczuk, Amanda Henderson, Elizabeth Beattie, Leanne Jack, Elizabeth Sampson, Marie Boltz, Trudy Maunsel

Optimising treatment of older persons with acute myeloid leukaemia and myelodysplastic syndromes through the implementation of diagnostic and longitudinal frailty assessments (20236-2024)
Metro South Research Support Scheme, Early Career Researcher Fellowship ($100,000)
Team: Viki Ling, Ruth E. Hubbard, Paula Marlton, Courtney Tate, Aaron Sia, Robyn Berry, Elizabeth Costin, Natasha Reid

We are only as strong as our weakest link: Improving the transition from hospital to home for adults with eating disorders (2022-2023)
Australian Eating Disorders Research and Translation Centre IgnitED Fund ($25,000)
Team: Kylie Matthews-Rensch, Adrienne Young, Amy Hannigan, Amanda Davis, Rea Nolan

Creativity and Movement in Ageing Communities: Enhancing wellbeing through friendship, art, and exercise (2022-2023)
Launch-Partnership grant
Team: Daniel Wadsworth, Tricia King, Leah Barclay, Liam Mayo, Amanda Clacy, Natasha Reid

Frailty and kidney transplantation: Measurement and mechanisms (2021-2023)
Princess Alexandra Research Support Scheme
Team: Emily Gordon, Mark Midwinter, Ross Francis, Natasha Reid, Ryan Homes, Ruth Hubbard 

A step forward against ageing: wearable assistive devices in fit and frailer older people (2021-2023)
Princess Alexandra Research Support Scheme

Reducing social frailty in late adulthood (2020-2025)
ARC Linkage

**The GOAL Trial: Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment for Frail Older People with Chronic Kidney Disease to Increase Attainment of Patient-Identified Goals - A Cluster Randomised Controlled Trial (2020-2024)
NHMRC Targeted Call for Research
$1.51 million

Frailty stratified, randomised controlled Bayesian adaptive trial of bortezomib versus lenalidomide in transplant-ineligible myeloma – the FRAIL-M study (2019-2023)
MRFF Research Grants
$1.68 million