In Australia, telehealth (sometimes called telemedicine) has an important role in the healthcare industry, helping to improve access to specialist health services and reduce the cost and inconvenience normally associated with extensive travel to metropolitan areas.

The COH has many years’ experience delivering clinical telehealth services and evaluating and advising on the efficacy, feasibility, cost-effectiveness, and user satisfaction with telehealth. 

PAH Telehealth Centre

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The Princess Alexandra Hospital Telehealth Centre is a telehealth facility for PAH staff. The centre, opened in 2012, provides a range of health outreach services to patients in rural and remote Queensland using telehealth technology.

It provides fully equipped clinical consultation rooms, meeting spaces and private studios for clinical consultations. The centre aims to:

  • Facilitate the integration of telehealth into routine practice by engaging with all clinical services at the PA Hospital.
  • Increase the volume of telehealth activity generated through the PA Hospital.
  • Deliver a broad range of health services to rural and remote hospitals throughout Queensland.
  • Reduce the need for patients to travel to Brisbane  by substituting some face-to-face consultations with telehealth appointments.
  • Provide professional support to clinicians in remote locations by videoconference.
  • Reduce specialist travel by combining telehealth with existing outreach program.    

PAH Telehealth facilities

The PAH Telehealth Centre offers fully equipped, private rooms for telehealth (video) consultations and an integrated videoconference meeting room for clinical case conferencing.

Consultation rooms

Four small consultation rooms are available for clinical telehealth consultations or clinical case conferencing using videoconferencing.

Integrated videoconference room

The large conference room can be used for clinical case videoconferencing for groups between three and twelve people.

Support services

The Centre provides a range of support services to ensure a smooth telehealth consultation. These services include:

  • Advice and assistance with establishing clinical telehealth services
  • Technical assistance with videoconference equipment and remote connections
  • Facility and equipment bookings
  • Assistance with equipment operation and session preparation
  • Expert advice on evaluation of clinical telehealth service 
Consultation room
Consultation room
Integrated videoconference room
Integrated videoconference room
Videoconference  trolley


PAH Telehealth services

The PAH Telehealth Centre provides access to specialist health providers at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane. Referrals to the centre are made primarily via the respective outpatient departments of each specialty area. Consultations offered include diabetes, endocrinology, cardiology, haematology, spinal cord injury, brain-injury rehabilitation, pain-management, dermatology, orthopaedics, and geriatrics.

Geriatrics: Consultant
 Consultant and Nurse Educator
Endocrinology: Consultant & Nurse Educator
 Consultant and Registrar
Geriatrics: Consultant and Registrar
 Consultant and Radiographer
Orthopaedics: Consultant & Radiographer
Cardiology: Nursing
 Consultant and Registrar
Dermatology: Consultant & Registrar

Metro South Telehealth News

Metro South Telehealth

Metro South Health, in partnership with the PAH Telehealth Centre, produces a quarterly newsletter.

The aim of this publication is to promote telehealth services and research happening within Metro South.

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Princess Alexandra Hospital Telehealth Centre
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Operating Hours: Monday-Friday 08:00am to 4:30pm