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The COH was engaged to perform an analysis of CheckUP-supported outreach services, including the potential impact of telehealth substitution on services and costs.

Our work contributed to a report commissioned by Queensland Health in association with CheckUP.

We assisted by:

  • Identifying and providing an analysis of funding gaps in the provision of outreach services throughout Australia.
  • Providing examples of how Medicare funding for services would be affected by telehealth substitution.
  • Providing examples of how telehealth substitution may improve service delivery.
  • Determining the factors impacting the cost of providing in-person specialist outreach services and identifying how telehealth substitution affects these factors.
  • Modelling and reporting the potential costs and savings of telehealth substitution.

Substituting a portion of traditional face-to-face outreach services with telehealth helps provide high-quality, timely, and cost-effective health care to people living in rural and remote communities.

CheckUP is a non-profit organisation aiming to address inequity by delivering health services to the people and communities that need it most.

The report will inform future service development and negotiations with state and Commonwealth governments.

More information, including a copy of the report, is available on the CheckUp website.

Metro South Health Waiting List

The COH was provided with funding to identify telehealth strategies for Metro South Health. We examined current specialist outpatient service activity and advised where telehealth could reduce waiting lists for outpatient care. The key strategies suggested were introducing image-based triage for outpatient referrals and utilising electronic (video) consultations. Image-based triage has be shown to successfully reduce unnecessary referrals, allowing less serious conditions to be effectively managed in general practice. It is also estimated that electronic consultations could potentially replace 30% of outpatient referrals. Our report provides a full description of current outpatient waiting lists and details on possible telehealth interventions.

Department of Health and Ageing

The Centre for Online Health provided expert advice and options regarding a broad range of telehealth implementations for the Australian Government’s Department of Health and Ageing.

We assessed telehealth activities throughout Australia and reviewed the use of telehealth internationally.

Two national reports were produced, coinciding with the introduction of new Medicare item numbers for video consultations in 2011.

  • Telehealth Assessment Report – providing background information for a broad range of telehealth implementations, including video-conferencing.
  • Telehealth Business, Advice and Options Report – presenting business requirements and technical advice for the implementation of teleconsultations.

These reports provide a strong foundation for planning a telehealth service that is technically sound, clinically effective, economically viable and sustainable.