Digital Health Grand Rounds

The Queensland Digital Health Grand Round Series is the leading digital health educational series in the state. Hosted by Metro North Hospital and Health Service (MNHHS), leaders in emerging digital innovations present monthly/quarterly. Clinicians, academics and system leaders are welcome from across Queensland to learn about digital innovation and its translation into benefits for clinical care and patient outcomes.

Digital Health Journal Club

The Queensland Digital Health Journal Club showcases the latest developments in digital healthcare through emerging international, national and local research. It is a shared learning environment for digital health to ensure contemporary and evidence-based thought, understanding and practice.

The Journal Club is hosted by the Queensland Digital Academy. It meets on the second Wednesday of each month between 12pm and 12:45pm. For more information, click here. To join and for general enquiries, please contact

Annual Queensland Digital Health Research Showcase

The Annual Queensland Digital Health Research Showcase is proposed as the flagship statewide event for digital health research and innovation. The Showcase will include:

  • Plenary/Keynote Speakers (national/international)
  • Partner presentations/workshops
    • Workshops as practical, skill-based (could be technical or clinical – case studies) e.g. decision-support, prediction, clinical workflow, simulations of new digital health technology
  • 3MT-style presentations (HDR); 5MT-style presentations (Fellows)
  • Case studies in digital health
  • Expert panel in digital health
  • Consumer, patient, family voices
  • Industry partners and sponsorship

The inaugural showcase is scheduled for 2021.