The Digital Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Cohort is an interdisciplinary cohort of outstanding Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidates supported through a partnership between Queensland Health, DHCRC and UQ.

The Digital HDR Cohort is unique in its aim to develop interdisciplinary digital health leaders that leverage change to drive transformation within a learning health system. Candidates typically hold substantive clinical, business, information technology or research positions within health. This system integration breeds on-the-ground transformation champions to inform real-time system insights and drive rapid research translation across Queensland.

The QDHRG is committed to promoting a positive, supportive, realist and celebratory research culture. Research culture is the behaviours, values, attitudes and support available in research communities such as the QDHRG. Positive culture is crucial to enabling the pursuit of excellence, building capable future research and system leaders and promoting satisfying and sustainable careers. We offer various support structures, networks and a UQ Mental Health Champion to support our Digital HDR cohort.

Our HDR students have broad disciplinary skills and knowledge:

  • Medical
  • Allied health
  • Genomics
  • Business analytics
  • Health IT systems
  • Biostatistics and predictive analytics

If you are interested in joining our HDR cohort, please contact