We are Queensland’s largest digital health research network.

The Queensland Digital Health Research Network (QDHRN) is a flagship collaboration between academia, healthcare and industry. Our purpose is to drive research excellence and a central education platform to support the digital transformation of healthcare, its professions and the industry across Queensland and Australia. Our interdisciplinary experts are dedicated to digitally transforming health in their respective fields.

We are a large-scale Research Group – we have received >$5 million in dedicated, competitive grant funding. The QDHRN is hosted by the Centre for Health Services Research (CHSR), The University of Queensland. The CHSR is based on Level 6, Oral Health Centre, Herston QLD.

“Our vision is a digitally-enabled learning healthcare system for patients and populations

Quadruple AimThe QDHRN supports the Quadruple Aim to:

  1. Improve patient experience
  2. Improve clinician experience
  3. Improve population health
  4. Lower costs, higher value care

Our governance

The QDHRN operates under a tiered governance system. The Digital Health CRC, The University of Queensland and Queensland Health comprise three unique advisory groups dedicated to project oversight and strategic direction.

Our research

We host clinical and research experts in the following domains:

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Predictive analytics
  • Clinical decision support and decision-making
  • Clinical genomics
  • Digital prescribing
  • Clinical data and analytics
  • Systems transformation
  • Preventive medicine
  • Precision public health and precision prevention