Persistent pain treatment in correctional facilities

This study evaluates a novel telehelath model of care to provide specialist advice and upskill health professionals in the treatment of persitent pain in prisoners. 

Persistent pain management poses a major challenge in correctional facilities. While it requires orchestration of multidisciplinary staff, such as pain specialists, nurses, occupational therapists, and pharmacists, health professionals in correctional facilities are typically understaffed, and access to specialists and knowledge regarding pain management are limited. To address this challenge, an ECHO-based telehealth service model was established at the Princess Alexandra Hospital: On a fortnightly basis, the pain management specialist team from the hospital hold a videoconference with health professionals based at local correctional facilities to discuss cases, review treatment progress, and prescribe medication. This telehealth model provides instant support in the treatment of patients as well as upskills health professionals at the correctional facilities to be better equipped in the treatment of future patients.

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