January 2017December 2018

Funding source:  Grow/Qld Mental Health Commission

Grant Type:  Research

The Centre for Online Health and Grow are teaming up to create virtual peer support groups for individuals recovering from mental illnesses.

We will be evaluating the efficacy of using weekly group video-conferencing to make Grow groups accessible to people living in rural Queensland.

Grow is a community-based organisation that facilitates personal development and mutual support groups for individuals recovering from mental illnesses.

A Grow group consists of up to 10 people who use their personal experiences to support each other’s full recovery and prevent relapses.

eGrow will help overcome barriers to the development of the Grow program, such as the stigma attached to mental illness, the distance, and the cost of travel to attend group meetings in remote areas.

It is hoped that new modalities can increase access to the vital support networks offered by Grow, their volunteers, and group members.

The project is already underway and providing many valuable lessons in delivering virtual mental health support to remote regions of Queensland.

Grant funding has been provided by the Queensland Mental Health Commission. 

Project members

Monica Taylor

Ms Monica Taylor

Research Assistant
Centre for Health Services Research
Telehealth (COH)