Brain tumour caregiver preparedness to care via web-based interventions

January 2017December 2018

This project is developing and evaluating an online, user-focused intervention to prepare carers to care for patients with primary brain tumours. Brain tumours can have impacts on primary brain tumours and their treatments frequently result in considerable functional, cognitive and behavioural impairment. Carers of these patients often are expected to provide physical care, manage difficult aspects of the patient’s behaviour, gather information and make treatment decisions, while adjusting to the changes in the patient’s cognitive abilities and personality.  As a result, carers often experience significant anxiety and decrements in quality of life.

This research aims to increase carer preparedness and reduce carer stress and burden among carers of brain tumour patients. This study will develop an online psychoeducational intervention to inform families of the caring process and provide coping strategies. By putting this information online, it becomes accessible to families at their own convenience. This study will examine the usability, feasibility and safety of the online intervention to family carers and clinicians, and it will identify what factors determine engagement with the intervention. In the end, a healthier and better equipped carer means better care for the patient as well.

This project is partially funded by a NHMRC Fellowship and the Sam Ryan Memorial Award.

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