Dr. Melinda Martin-Khan's primary focus is the measurement of system wide quality of care. She develops and tests quality indicators using evidence based practice. The identification of best practice in care delivery enables the sharing of innovation in health care from general practice through emergency departments, acute care to rehabilitation with an emphasis on improving the individual patient care journey across the whole health system. 

Dr. Martin-Khan has a particular interest in the challenges patients with cognitive impairment face when utilizing the health care system and the opportunities to improve individual care outcomes. Historically, patients with dementia have worse outcomes post discharge than patients without cognitive impairment. 

Technology is an important component of health care improvement. Dr. Martin-Khan's research interests include telehealth and computerized assessment to improve access to, delivery and measurement of, quality care. Melinda is a Fellow of interRAI, an international collaboration for the development of assessment systems. There is also an opportunity to use technology to reduce the lag between new evidence and public health uptake for improving individual long-term cognitive health.  Therefore Dr. Martin-Khan has a keen interest in establishing a social media conversation directly with the public regarding evidence for individual quality health outcomes.

Dr. Martin-Khan is a Health Scientist in the Centre for Health Services Research, Faculty of Medicine at The University of Queensland. She has a joint appointment with the Centre for Online Health and the Centre for Research in Geriatric Medicine.  Previously Melinda spent 13 years as a senior executive in aged care in organisations in Victoria and New South Wales before working as an Australian based consultant advising residential aged care facilities on best practice responses to quality improvement. She has received over $12M in grant funding (including NHMRC Chief Investigator grants), more than 40 peer reviewed publication, and speaks internationally at conferences and meetings on translational research to improve patient outcomes. Her special interest is capacity building, and as a Research Fellow at The University of Queensland she provides mentoring for  early career researchers in the Centre for Health Services Research through a monthly Early Career Researchers Lunch meeting, supervision of higher degree students and advice to students through mentoring sessions by invitation when visiting internationally.

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