Researcher biography

Research areas include Alzheimer's, dementia and the assessment of the care requirements of the elderly.

Dr. Melinda Martin-Khan is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Research in Geriatric Medicine.

Dr. Melinda Martin-Khan is a health scientist whose academic studies broadly include education, management, gerontology and biostatistics. She is employed full time in a co-joint appointment as a research fellow at the University of Queensland's Centre for Research in Geriatric Medicine (CRGM) at the Princess Alexandra Hospital (PA), and the Centre for Online Health (COH) at the Royal Children's Hospital (RCH).

In 2009, she completed a doctorate degree in the field of medicine, by examination the reliability of diagnosing dementia via video conferencing. Since that time she has published both original research and literature reviews in relevant fields; presented her work at national and international conferences and meetings; and been involved in securing over $5.3M in grant funding, including three NHMRC project grants. Dr. Martin-Khan is an Associate Fellow of interRAI and has made a significant contribution to the development of outcome quality indicators using the suite of interRAI assessment instruments.

Dr. Martin-Khan's research interests are focused around aging and patients with dementia. Key areas include: quality of care, health care policy and telehealth innovations. She has carried out studies which are based in acute care, emergency departments, and residential care. Her post-doctoral work was in the development of a quality framework for the care of older patients and patients with dementia, which was supported by an Alzheimer's Australia Viertel Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship. In the summer of 2012/13, Dr. Martin-Khan was Visiting Fellow at the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing (Oxford University), supported by an Emerging Researchers Grant from the Dementia Collaborative Research Centre - Early Detection and Prevention (DCRC-EDP).

Previously, Dr. Martin-Khan has had over 13 years administrative experience as a senior executive in aged care health services.