The Centre collaborates with experts, clinicians and institutions locally and internationally to develop practice-level quality indicators using a robust methodology which incorporates knowledge of the current scientific literature, expert panel review and comprehensive field work. Across a broad range of clinical setting (Acute care, Emergency Care, Transition Care) suites of indicators have been, or are currently being, developed. They incorporate Structural, Process and Outcome indicators.

The focus is on identifying current variation across sites in a common clinical setting where there is evidence that stakeholders can influence the outcome and impact quality.  This results in meaningful quality indicators, amenable to change, with the potential to impact the health outcomes or experience of the patient.  Where robust international quality indicators already exist (such as residential care), we incorporate indicators as measure of quality when testing an intervention implementation.

This work is led by Dr Melinda Martin-Khan and Professor Len Gray

The Centre has established a special program to promote quality indicator development and implementation: The Research Collaboration for Quality Care