Assessment Systems for Older People
The interRAI Research Collaborative
CeGA Online

Assessment systems provide structure to clinical care, ensuring consistent appraisal, guides to assessors and care-givers, and accurate information to support care planning, funding, quality improvement and service planning.  Our Program works closely with the interRAI international research collaborative in developing and promoting assessments produced by interRAI.

Within interRAI, we lead development of assessment systems for the hospital setting, including the interRAI Acute Care, the interRAI Acute Care for Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment, the interRAI Post-Acute Care and Rehabilitation and the interRAI Emergency Department.

Building on this work, in partnership with UniQuest, our group has developed clinical decision support software to facilitate assessment of older people in acute care, in long term care and in ambulatory care.   These systems help clinicians to interpret their assessments, and also enables them to engage geriatricians to supply specialist advice "online".   These systems are branded "CeGA Online".

More recently, the Program has formed a collaboration with Finnish interRAI specialist software company “RAIsoft” to develop nursing and geriatric consultation systems for acute hospital care. 

This work is led by Professor Len Gray, Dr Melinda Martin-Khan and Dr Nancye Peel.