Application for eQC Patient and Carer Advisory Board Member

Closing date: 31 October 2019

Researchers at UQ, based in the Center for Health Services Research, are undertaking a large body of research and implementation work around quality of care for patients using health care services. Many of these patients are older adults and patients with dementia.  

The research team, led by Dr Melinda Martin-Khan, is based at the Centre for Health Services Research at The University of Queensland and is located at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Woolloongabba. We have affiliated projects in Tasmania and regional Queensland. Funding for research is provided by competitive grants including the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). 

Dr Martin-Khan is establishing a Patient and Carer Advisory Board to seek input from patients and caregivers on all aspects of the research, evaluation and review process (i.e. suitability of protocol, wording of information sheets, and interpretation of research outcomes and policy impacts). The Board will have six members including persons with dementia, carers of people with dementia, individuals with an interest in dementia and people who are aging but don’t know a lot about memory problems.


The eQC Patient and Carer Advisory Board is a strategic collaboration that informs the embedding of consumer partnerships at every level of planning, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of research, translation and policy provided by the Quality of Care research group. The Board also provides an opportunity for the researchers to hear the lived experience of patients and carers and to learn from the knowledge they have gained.

The aim of the eQC Patient and Carer Advisory Board is to engage with patients and carers throughout all stages of our Quality of Care research, translation and policy program to ensure a consistent focus on participant collaboration.

Role of the member

It is expected that patient/carers will provide information and feedback to the Quality of Care research group from a patient/carer perspective. Patient/carers will draw on their lived experience of using the health system (and living with dementia if applicable). The patient/carer will be appointed for a one year term and the first meeting will be held in early 2020 (dates to be confirmed).

The role of the patient/carer on the Patient and Carer Advisory Board is to:

  • Actively participate by completing pre-meeting reading, asking questions where clarification is required, putting forward opinions in discussions at board meetings
  • Confidently advocate on behalf of health patients and carers
  • Bring a patient/carer perspective to all discussions and decision-making
  • Possess an ability to anticipate how actions (our research methodologies and documentation) might impact patient and carers in a health service environment
  • Have well developed interpersonal skills including the ability to work as part of a team and maintain good working relationships with team members and other stakeholders.

What will Board members do?

People will attend a Board meeting either in-person or by videoconference up to 4 times per year.  Each board meeting may be 2-3 hours in duration. There will be pre-reading for the board meeting (draft research protocols, data collection forms, video summary texts, policy statements). There will be an opportunity to provide comment in a split session board meeting to the Chair and leader (Chief Investigator) of the Project if the meeting duration becomes uncomfortable for a member (remunerated as one board meeting). 

Each year, we will ask each Board member to individually read a grant application for specific comment (grants are submitted at different times throughout the year; one member will be approached per grant). 

Some projects or activities will include focus groups or seminars.  Attendance will be optional for Board members. Specific funding will be available to support attendance where a request for attendance is made by invitation and a Board member is able to attend. There is a preference for Board members who are available to attend at least one local focus group each year.

Who is it for?

We are looking for a six people to join the Patient and Carer Advisory Board. Membership is renewed annually. In-person meetings will be held at Princess Alexandra Hospital Woolloongabba, with Zoom (videoconference) facilities available for people who are not local. 

We welcome participants from around Australia, particularly Queensland and Tasmania where current projects are active.

This opportunity is suitable for regular health service users who include:

  • A person with experience in a patient or carer role who would enjoy the challenge of a higher level of involvement as Chair of the Patient and Carer Advisory Board (with slightly more remuneration). Please indicate in your application if this applies to you.
  • A person with dementia
  • A carer of someone with dementia
  • A patient with a connection or interest in health care of people with dementia (but not a carer).
  • Older adult patient (over the age of 70)
  • A patient (aged less than 70 years)

Remuneration and Support

Individuals will be remunerated for their time in line with Health Consumers Queensland’s remuneration position statement. Parking and travel expenses will be covered. No printing costs will be paid as documents will be mailed to participants who have a preference for hard copies.

We will commit to supporting accessibility to ensure that people involved in the Consumer Advisory Board are well placed to understand the content we provide and have an opportunity to share their experience and recommendations. We will provide documentation in plain English with no jargon and acronyms. We will provide hard copies where required. We will provide supported meeting flexibility (additional opportunities to meet with the Chair and Chief Investigator if the meeting time runs too long), and remuneration for participation.


  • $237 per meeting for Chair
  • $187 per meeting for Board Members
  • $187 per forum for all members [Note: $374 per forum (if the agenda indicates forum is over 4 hours)]
  • $40 per hour for grant review [Lay summary] (Maximum 2 hours).

How to apply

Please complete this consumer application form and return to by 31st October 2019. For questions regarding the Consumer Advisory Board please email Melinda Martin-Khan on

For assistance to complete application please contact Centre for Health Services Research Dianna Ang via or by phone on 07 3176 5677.